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Genevieve, Parent

Tania has been teaching my daughters (4 and 7) yoga for over a year, and they have loved every moment. Tania makes yoga fun and engaging, so the kids think they're playing but secretly they are learning skills to help them stay fit and relaxed. Other activities come and go, but the girls are always excited about yoga every week!

Kellie, Parent

Alexis looks forward to yoga class every Thursday. She incorporates yoga into her daily life and enjoys mastering the yoga movements.

Patricia, Parent

My daughter Megan loves Miss Tania's yoga class. Her favorite are the animal yoga poses. Even Grandma raves about how great the class is when she comes early to watch!

Adele, Student

I love doing yoga because it makes me feel calm. I love you Miss Tania!

Sarah, Parent

My son has really enjoyed yoga!  It is always so fun to hear about the poses that he has learned.  I frequently find him practicing different poses at home, especially tree pose!

Sunny, Parent

We've had Alli come to our neighborhood to teach our neighborhood kids yoga since the lockdown started last year. Her classes were such a wonderful boost for their mental health in so many ways. Alli keeps the class fun, engaging and the kids are constantly laughing.

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Why have you stayed with the yoga program? What does your child get the most excited about? Or let us know anything you have to say!

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