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OC Kids Yoga

Your child will be given tools to use beyond the classroom.

Increases balance, body awareness and coordination. Encourages gross motor development.

Develops relaxation techniques promoting better sleep.

Enhances concentration. Calms and clears the mind​.  

Accept and express feelings appropriately. Increase health response to stress.

Expands imagination and creativity.

About Us

OC Kids Yoga is a mobile mind/body program servicing Orange County, California.

OC Kids Yoga promotes good health and wellness through movement, breathing and discipline. The children will develop strong and flexible bodies as well as find a calm and peaceful mind. Every class is designed to take them  on an imaginative  adventure  whether that be into outer space, a trip to the zoo, or maybe even exploring through the jungle. Intertwined with music, yoga games, and poses, the children will certainly be laughing and having fun!

Meet the Instructor

Partnered Schools

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